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  • 会社名
    株式会社ポリゴン Polygone, Inc.
  • 電話番号・ファックス番号・メールアドレス
  • 設立
  • 役員
    代表取締役 田中ウルヴェ 京
  • 顧問
  • 住所
  • 資本金
  • 主な事業
  • 従業員数
  • 取引銀行
  • 関連提携会社
  • Company Name:
    Polygone, Inc.
  • Company Address:
    Telephone: 81-3-3447-2890
  • Establishment:
    April 2003
  • President:
    Miyako Tanaka-Oulevey
  • Working Capital:
    JPY 3 millions
  • Main Bank:
    The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
    Meguro-Ekimae Branch
  • Core Services: Mental Training Services
    We offer a full range sport psychology-based consulting services
    for various mental training programs such as:
    -Stress Management, Stress Coping Skills
    -Career Transition and Education for Top Athletes
    In addition, we provide individual consulting services
    for top athletes, corporate training & lecture programs,
    public speaking services, and more…
  • President’s Profile
    Miyako Tanaka-Oulevey en-photo Miyako Tanaka-Oulevey is a Japanese certified mental training consultant in sport (CMTCS),
    public speaker, university professor, TV commentator, author,
    and a 1988 Seoul Olympic bronze medalist in synchronized swimming, duet.
    While assisting the US synchronized swimming Olympic head coach for 4 years in California,
    she earned a master in sports administration specializing in sport psychology.
    Her academic fields are performance enhancement, career transition,
    stress coping, and leadership.
    She is the author of more than 40 books (including Joint works),
    and routinely gives lectures, seminars or workshops at universities and companies.
    Olympic and professional Japanese athletes regularly consult with her
    in matters ranging from performance enhancement to career transitions.
    She mainly works with the JOC, Japan LPGA, the Japan Baseball Association,
    and the Japan Soccer Professional League.
    She is since 1998 a member of the FINA Athletes committee (International Swimming Federation),
    since 2012 director of Sasakawa Sports Foundation,
    and since 2014 a member of Certification Committee of the Japanese Society of Sport Psychology.
    Miyako lives with her husband and 2 children in Tokyo, Japan.

    Professional Memberships and Associations Visiting Professor, Biwako Seikei Sport College, Interdisciplinary Research Center for Lifelong Sports and Physical Activities,
    National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya
    Researcher, SDM Research Institute, Graduate School of System Design and Management, Keio University
    Lecturer, Division of Public Health, Department of Social Medicine, School of Medicine, Nihon University
    Member, Information, Medicine and Science Commission, Science Support Sub-commission, Japan Olympic Committee
    Member, Athletes committee, International Swimming Federation (FINA)
    Member, Athletes Commission, Japan Swimming Federation
    Member, Discussion Committee, Japanese Association of Sports Psychiatry
    Certified Mental Training Consultant in Sport, Japanese Society of Sports Psychology
    Director, Sasakawa Sports Foundation

    Education Adult Fitness and Performance Enhancement (San Diego University for Integrative Studies) (2001)
    Career Transition and Athletic Retirement (San Diego University for Integrative Studies) (2000)
    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Theory (Arizona School of Professional Psychology) (1999)
    MA in Health, Physical Education, & Recreation, Saint Mary's College of California (1995)
    BA in Physical Education with Honors, Nihon University, Japan (1988)

    Work Experience ▼ Lecturer 2014ーPresent: Researcher, SDM Research Institute, Graduate School of System Design and Management, Keio University
    2011ーPresent: Visiting Professor, National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya, Japan
    1996ーPresent: Lecturer, Department of Hygiene, School of Medicine, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan
    2006ー2008: Lecturer, Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan
    2006: Lecturer, Tsukuba University, Ibaragi, Japan
    1996ー1998: Lecturer, Department of Physical Education, College of Humanities & Sciences, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan
    1997: Lecturer, Department of Psychology, College of Humanities & Sciences, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan

    ▼ TV Commentator 2012ーPresent, TV Commentator (TBS "N sta", Monday regular commentator)
    1992ーPresent, TV Commentator, NHK, TV Asahi, Fuji TV, Nippon TV Network etc.

    ▼ Coach 1996, Atlanta Olympics, Japan Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team support staff
    1991ー1995, Assistant to the U.S. Olympic Team Head Coach
    1989ー1991 & 1994ー1999, Japan National Team Synchronized Swimming Coach

    ▼ Other 1989ー1993, Olympic Promotion Staff, Mizuno Corporation, Japan

    Major Accomplishments 1989, Tomin Eiyosho (Tokyo Honor Award)
    1988, Seoul Olympics Synchronized swimming Duet Bronze medalist
    1987, 1988 Synchronized swimming Japan national DUET and TEAM champion
    1986, Synchronized swimming Japan national SOLO champion