• Profile

    Miyako Tanaka-Oulevey


    Date of birth: 2/20/1967

    Languages: Japanese, English

    Sport Psychology Consultant

    Professional Background: Sport Psychology, Career Transition in Sports, Stress Coping, CBT, REBT

    Sport Background: Synchronized Swimmer (1988 Seoul Olympics Duet Bronze medal), Synchronized Swimming Japan National team coach (1996 Atlanta Olympics Team Bronze medal)


    At present:

    IOC Marketing committee member, IOC Athletes Career Program certified trainer

    JOC International commission member, JOC Information, Medicine and Science Commission member


    Miyako Tanaka-Oulevey is a certified sport psychology consultant in Japan, public speaker, TV News commentator, university professor, book author and former Olympic synchronized swimmer and bronze medalist from the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Miyako lives with her husband and 2 children in Tokyo, Japan.

    In sports area: Japan women’s soccer national team mental coach, Japan men’s Paralympic Wheelchair basketball team mental coach.

    In business area: Lecturer (Stress Management & REBT Training, Stress Coping, Leadership, Mental training) for companies and universities, TV commentator (TBS, Fuji TV, TokyoMX news show regular commentator)



    MA in Health, Physical Education, & Recreation, Saint Mary's College of California (1995)
    BA in Physical Education with Honors, Nihon University, Japan (1988)

    Major Accomplishments

    1988, Seoul Olympics Synchronized swimming Duet Bronze medalist
    1989, Tomin Eiyosho (Tokyo Honor Award)